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Cat Friendly Practice

When designated as a CFP, veterinary clinics have proven they have taken specific extra steps to assure they understand a cat's unique needs, have implemented feline-friendly standards, and have made changes to decrease stress and provide a more calming environment, such as feline-only waiting areas or exam rooms..."

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Lead Technician

Genna moved to Prescott Valley from Pittsburgh, PA in December 2013. In 2005 Genna graduated from the median school of Allied Health Careers and has been a Veterinary Technician ever since. She chose this field because she enjoys providing the best care available for pets including critical care, blood transfusions and surgery. Outside of work Genna enjoys watching hockey, backpacking, hiking, hanging out with her friends and furry family consisting of her two dogs, two cats, her horse and chickens.


Veterinary Assistant

Lanelle has had the opportunity to travel all over the world with her family when her dad was in the military. Now she loves horseback riding and hiking with her three children and five cattle dogs. She decided when she was 9 years old she wanted to work with animals. Her cat got very sick and passed away. At that point she decided she wanted to help save animals. In addition to her dogs she has two cats and a blue and gold macaw named Razzle.


Veterinary Assistant

Jill has worked with animals in some way or another since she was 18. It is rare for people to love what they do and she is lucky enough to be able to say she truly loves her job and the people she works with. Originally from southern California, she moved to Arizona when she was 19. She has three pets, two dogs and a chinchilla. In her free time she likes to do anything outdoors.


Veterinary Assistant
Chasity was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Prescott Valley in 2004. Chasity joined Prescott Valley Pet Clinic in May 2014, and ever since she has been in love working in the veterinary field. Not only has she always had a love and passion for animals, but being there for the pets and giving them the best care possible is very rewarding and is an awesome feeling! In Chasity's free time,  she loves spending time with her husband and her yellow lab, Sadie. Her main hobbies are photography, hiking, and camping.


Veterinary Assistant

Kristy was born and raised in Arizona. She loves camping and hiking with her three dogs Buddha, Foxie and Bella. Kristy also has two cats named Ivory and Dufus. She has always had a passion for animals and helping them in anyway she can. That is why she is the perfect fit for the Prescott Valley Pet Clinic Family.


Veterinary Assistant

Tawnie grew up as an only child in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has always loved Akita's and has one at home named Tia Mae. She also has 3 cats named Blaze, Shadow and Legend. In her free time she enjoys athletics and going to the batting cage. A fun fact about Tawnie is that she can actually bench press 115 lbs!!


Veterinary Assistant

Ashley moved here from southern California in the summer of 2016. She graduated from Cal Poly Pamona with a bachelors degree in Animal Science. She then decided to continue her education and became a certified dog trainer. She has worked with a variety of animals including large animals, exotics, and even marine mammals. 


Veterinary Assistant

Toriana, a Simi Valley, CA native, has lived in Prescott Valley since 2014 and has been working exclusively with animals since moving. She has worked for local animal boarding facilities and most recently the lost and found department of the Yavapai Humane Society. Tori is a student at Yavapai Community College, working towards a degree in animal management. Also, she is a frequent foster of local dogs who are in need of socializing and medical care before they can be put up for adoption. In her free time, Tori spends time with her two sons, husband, and four dogs hiking, camping, and watching the dallas cowboys.


Veterinary Assistant

Janice was born in the Philippines and grew up in central coast California. Since she was little she's always had animals around her whether it was a dog, cat, rabbit or chickens. For the longest time she was uncertain of what she wanted to do but has always been interested in animals. Then one day she realized she wanted to get involved in the veterinary field. She studied Veterinary technology in south LA while working at a pet emergency hospital as a kennel tech. She then moved to Arizona in December 2010. In her free time she enjoys hiking and camping with her husband, daughter, and 15 year old chow who she rescued.


Veterinary Assistant

Sami was born in California but was raised as a desert rat. She's always been surrounded by animals and takes special interest in reptiles. Growing up she always wanted to be a dentist until she worked as a receptionist at a veterinarian clinic. After that she knew she couldn't do anything else. When she's not at work Sami likes spending time outdoors and playing with Kiki her Siamese snowshoe and her two bearded dragons Reptar and Mushu. 


Veterinary Assistant

Ryan was born in California but moved to Prescott in 2006 to be closer to family. He has always had a strong passion for working with animals and was an animal behaviorist until he explored the veterinary field. In his free time he likes to go hiking and camping. He also enjoys spending time with his 4 dogs Khalisi, Kayla, Raider, and Princess.


Veterinary Assistant

(Bio coming soon)


Veterinary Assistant

Greg was born in Albany, NY. At age 15 he moved to Maryland then Dallas, TX for his senior year of high school. At the early age of 18, Greg started a 24 year career in transportation. When Greg decided it was time for a change he applied and was hired as a veterinary assistant. He now has 11 years of experience in the veterinary field! We love having Greg on our PVPC team!


Veterinary Assistant

Becca recently moved here from Phoenix to be with her fiance. She has been interested in animals and had a great love for them all of her life. Becca has 2 cats at home, 1 she nursed back to health and bottle fed since he was 2 weeks old and 1 she adopted from the feral cat rehabilitation program. When Becca is not working she likes to race motorcycles professionally. She also enjoys building computers and code programs. She has been working in the animal field since she was 16 years old. We are so happy to have her as part of our team. 


Veterinary Assistant

(Bio coming soon)

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