Pet Dental Care

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DENTAL TIP: Feline dental health is one of the most overlooked areas in small animal medicine.  Cats suffer from some of the same dental problems as dogs such as fractured teeth, gingivitis, and oral masses.  They also suffer from tooth resportion which can be extremely painful.  If you notice your cat salivating excessively, bleeding from the mouth, having difficulty eating, losing weight, or bad breath, you cat may be suffering from dental disease.  To check for pain, gently run a Q-tip along the gumline of all the teeth.  If you cat's lower jaw spasms, this is an indication of pain and should be evaluated by your veterinarian.

Take a minute to watch this excellent video regarding the potential problems associated with dental cleaning in pets without anesthesia.

Dental Treatment Plans

Below we have dental estimate ranges for each "grade." Call our office at (928) 772-6069 to schedule your pet's consultation and receive an individualized dental treatment plan. Each treatment plan will vary based on which lab test is recommended, oral surgery time, and antibiotics and pain medication that may be needed.

dental_grade_01.png dental_grade_02.png
dental_grade_03.png dental_grade_04.png

Each treatment plan includes the following: (if appropriate)

  • Blood work
  • Dental cleaning & anesthesia
  • IV Catheter & Fluids
  • Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Oral Surgery and surgical material
  • Nerve Block
  • Pain Medication
  • Antibiotics

Grades 1 & 2: $442.47 to $834.58

Grade 3: $422.47 to $ $989.08
(Estimating 20-30 minutes oral surgery time)

Grade 4: $883.58 to $1,136.93
(Estimating 30-60 minutes oral surgery time)

How-To Videos: Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

Choose one of the videos below to get started brushing your pet's teeth!


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