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At Prescott Valley Pet Clinic, we deliver excellent veterinary medicine in a caring manner while providing outstanding client service and enhancing the lives of pets, their families, and members of our community. Dr. Dana Frank and her husband Rick Frank are committed to providing an excellent facility for our team members to provide the best care possible to our patients. Our doctors’ combined training represents four different veterinary schools with special interests in many areas of veterinary medicine. With individualized personal service to each client we treat every pet as our most important patient.

Canine Flu Outbreak in Chicago

We want to keep everyone informed on the Canine Flu Outbreak in Chicago. As of right now it is still contained to the Chicago area. However if your pet is showing any flu like symptoms like lethargy, eye discharge, nasal discharge and coughing, it is very important to schedule an exam with a doctor. Please stay updated by checking our facebook and website for more information. Click Here to read more.

Have you thought about Laser Therapy for your pet?